Home Water Filter Experts

When you taste your water, does it smell or taste bad? Great tasting drinking water is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessary standard of living. When it comes to treating your water, turn to Horizon Plumbing Service. Our licensed plumbers have been in business for over 30 years, and will professionally install your home’s water filtration system.

How Do Home Water Filters Work?

Here are a few types of filters that Horizon can install for homeowners, and how they work.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Filters use a carbon resin to pull out contaminants. If you’ve got a pitcher-filter in the fridge, those typically pull out 5-10% of contaminants, and are known as “gravity fed”. Activated Carbon filters using water pressure can pull out 50-60% of contaminants from your water.

Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis systems are great for making your water taste great, and remove a larger amount of contaminants than Activated Carbon filters. They work through using water pressure to push water through a microfilter.

TAC (Template Assisted Crystallization)

Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) is a form of water conditioning that descales at a rate of 90-100%! Remember how gravity fed filters descale around 5-10%? TAC is growing in popularity because of its massive efficiency upgrade, especially among tankless water heater owners. TAC collects raw contaminants into a crystal and doesn’t allow the raw material to scale up on the pipes of your system.

Which Filter Makes Better Tasting Water?

Most homeowners agree that the way their tap water tastes is an important factor inside the home. A simple activated carbon filter is great for this. It removes what you want it to, and is portable (gravity fed filters are, anyway). As far as implementing them in your home, Horizon Plumbing can install that filter in your home. We recommend Aquasana, due to its cost effectiveness and quality. This kind of filter is a part of the five stage system available in the whole-house filtration system.
Its drawbacks can be fulfilled by other parts of the system, like the TAC implemented descaler. This removes the scale buildup in your water supply, and would also create great tasting water.

RO is another great way to get the taste of your water just right, but it has a pretty substantial drawback – waste. In fact, typical RO systems waste 5 gallons for every 1 gallon it makes. Fortunately, Horizon Plumbing is experienced in quality water filtration systems and can offer an RO system that’s closer to a 1 to 1 ratio. Keep in mind that while the waste is definitely minimized, the water waste is still 50%. This is due large in part to the fact that it pressures water through a microfilter with pressure, and any of the contaminants left are sitting in potent water.

I want the whole thing!

If your house is in need of filtering out the heavy metals, getting microorganisms out, softening, and making the water taste great, consider installing Aquasana’s Rhino Whole-house system. There’s no material left unfiltered with their 5 stage process!