DFW’s Toilet and Drain Experts (40 Years Experience)

Is your toilet not flushing properly? Do you hear the water leaking when it’s not in use? Drains not flowing?

Horizon Plumbing can help. We’re your neighborhood plumbing  experts who have fixed toilets and drains in DFW for over 40 years.

We Fix All Toilet Issues

Your toilet is the most common plumbing problem around and often is the most fixable. Clogs require a good plunger, and aligning the stopper in the top bowl is a matter of adjustment. If your toilet won’t stop running, it could be that a replacement flush valve is needed, or it could just be a flapper change.

In more severe cases, the results could be a lot more of a mess. If you can’t get a clog out with a plunger, or you suspect a component is broken inside the toilet, don’t wait until your bathroom is compromised, call Horizon at (817) 641-1117 or get a free quote to avoid a disastrous bathroom environment.

Not all Toilets Flush the Same

Toilets can be categorized in several ways:


  • Store floor grade – You can find these toilets on the home improvement store floor, and usually on sale.
  • Builder grade – These are toilets that top builders prefer to use.
  • Plumber grade – Toilets in which most service plumbers prefer.
  • Top grade and up – These toilets have different styles and looks, and in some cases are powerful enough to flush golf balls!

Whether you want a quiet flush, a clean flush, or you simply just want a toilet that flushes, the best thing you can do is to speak with your plumber about your needs. Tell them what you’re looking for and he or she should be able to find the right toilet for you.

We Install Water-Conserving Toilets

If you’re looking to upgrade your not-so-efficient commodes, Horizon Plumbing can help. Low-flow toilets are a great way to conserve water in your home. The savings add up over time as you stop wasting water.

We Fix Clogged Drains

Clogs happen, especially with hard water deposits that have accumulated inside the drain over time. If you’re having difficulty removing  the clog with a snake or Drain-o, give us a call.

We fix drains of all shapes and sizes. If your clog is located underneath the home, we can tunnel under it (and keep your floors from becoming damaged).

Drains are the veins of your plumbing system and should only be serviced by experienced licensed plumbers.