Arlington & Mansfield Plumbing Service

Need help getting a clog or drip resolved? Need to replace your corroded water heater or considering a water softener? Horizon Plumbing Service are your local plumbing experts right here in Arlington, Texas.


We’ve been handling plumbing services from clogs and drips to water heater installations for over 30 years, and we do so by treating your house like our own (we even wear shoe covers) and getting the job done promptly.

Arlington’s Plumbing Experts

Horizon is located right here in Arlington! We serve the area with full service:



  • Water Softener Installation. If you’ve got hard water, we’ve got the fix. Softeners are one of the most energy-efficient home appliances there is!



  • Toilets & Drains. Any common to rare problem you’re facing is our pleasure to fix. If the plunger isn’t enough, or the drains are clogged, Horizon can help get the flow going again.


  • Slab Leak Repair. If it sounds like water is running constantly or you notice a higher water bill, give Horizon a call and let us check for potential slab leaks.
  • Locating Leaks. We’re experts at handling the leaks underneath the floor, and can even fix it without jackhammering through your floors. That means no dust, debris, and floor remodeling (unless you were thinking about replacing the floors anyway).

If you’re in need of plumbing services, get a free quote from us.