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“Very professional and courteous and helpful during this installation…”

“On Oct 14th I came home from the hospital with a brand new hip. The next day, when leaving for a doctor appointment with my wife I heard water running in the garage. Thought it might be sprinkler, so we turned irrigations system off, then had to leave for the appointment. Coming home later, water still running. I called a neighbor who came over and found the water heater tank drain pan full and the drain outside the garage running.

So he turned off the input to the heater, gas control and gas feed as well as the hot water circulation pump for us. We called that evening and left a message with your service. We received a return call in the morning, and then while out to another appointment, we had left a garage door opener with a neighbor while we were away. Rodger and Mike came, determined the tank had failed and that there was still a year left on the tank warranty (we had built at Robson and closed on Oct 4 2014). They then went and got the replacement tank and did the installation, cleaned up beautifully, and Mike even went to the tank and wrote the model and S/N on the warranty card for us to register the unit so I didn’t have to go back in the corner with my walker to get it.

Kudos to Rodger and Mike, very professional and courteous and helpful during this installation on an “emergency” basis, especially since I remain pretty limited in movement, although getting better now almost 2 weeks post-op.

Thanks again to you and your professional staff, from the ones handling communications in responding to our after-hours message to the installers. Let them know that Dick and Julie of Robson Ranch really appreciate your service.”

Dick Remski, Horizon Plumbing Fan