The Royal Flush Home Assurance Program

Horizon Plumbing Service knows the importance of maintaining your water-using appliances. Don’t wait for a costly break, keep your home investments in shape.

$24.99/month, OR


Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

When a tank water heater bursts open (which happens more often than you might think), the end result can be catastrophic, resulting in over 40 gallons of water damaging ceilings, furniture, and floors.

Reactive spending on plumbing problems is not worth it when you have proactive options to keep the mess from happening in the first place.

Maintenance & Warranty

The Royal Flush is the #1 plumbing guarantee in Texas. Beyond recommended maintenance and thorough inspection of all your plumbing fixtures, this exclusive membership program provides peace of mind:


Any Horizon-installed plumbing fixture (including water heaters) will be repaired (or replaced), as long as you are a member in good standing. 

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Peace of Mind

To combat this, Horizon Plumbing Service designed the Royal Flush Home Assurance Program. With it, homeowners get a superior warranty program to home warranties, because home warranty tends to use sub-par technicians, and don’t always cover what’s necessary, leaving you holding the bag when you needed them the most.


The Royal Flush provides homeowners with immense value in preventive measures to keep those huge events from stealing your wallet at inopportune times.