The Leak Locating Leaders

Locating & repairing leaks can be as simple as replacing a  pipe, or, in some situations, a very intensive demolition job. If it’s the latter, Horizon has a solution for homeowners that won’t involve destruction of your floors. Our licensed plumbers have been locating leaks across North Texas for 40 years and can locate your leak and repair it promptly with a lot less hassle than our competitors.

Have a Leak?

Water bills appear higher than normal? Hear running water even though everything is turned off? You may have a leak.

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Using specialized equipment, Horizon can pinpoint where the leak is originating, and provide you with options to take care of it before it becomes a water damage issue.

What To Do If the Leak is Under the Home

There are a few choices to make when dealing with deep leaks:


  • Demolition the floor above the leak, dig down to the exact spot, and replace or fix the piping. While it might be fun to swing the jackhammer and wreck your floors, the cost goes beyond the payment to the plumber. Dust and debris are everywhere, and your floor needs to be redone. This option is great for people who were going to re-do the floors anyway, or for those who like watching things be destroyed.
  • Allow Horizon to tunnel underneath the home to the leak spot and fix it. No demolition required, and the only remnant that anyone was there to fix it is a buried hole in your yard. While this is the more expensive alternative, this method will save your floor, no moving furniture and no flying dust to inhale. This preferred method leaves the inside of your home in the same condition it was before the leak.


  • Do nothing and deal with the smell and subsequent water damage.
Don’t let a leak damage your home, or cause a smelly issue. Get a free quote on keeping your home clean and operating normal again!