Your Slab Leak Repair Heroes

Over the past 40 years, Horizon Plumbing Service has seen their fair share of DFW homes decimated by slab leaks, and it’s always a tragedy to the homeowner. Slab Leaks can be hard to sense, unless the leak is rather large. Don’t let that leak destroy your foundation, let Horizon save your property. Get a free slab leak quote from us.

Types of Slab Leaks

If you suspect a leak, call Horizon at 817-461-1117 right away. Our licensed plumbers can quickly pinpoint the leak, and let you know about which type of leak you have:


  • Sewer Line Leaks are leaks from your sewage lines seeping into the soil, and carry with them obvious and smelly problems. You may actually smell this through the floor, and the sanitation issues that come with it are not to be trifled with.


  • Water Line Leaks occur when water out of your plumbing system drains into the soil from a break or tear in the line. Homeowners may not notice this until they see a water bill spike. While sanitation isn’t as pertinent an issue here, your water bill can become outrageous.

What To Look For

Some of the signs that your slab might be leaking are:


  • Hearing water running when your faucets are all off. Water is still being pushed through the system, but you’re not using any water appliances or faucets.


  • Seeing water seeping out your foundation. Obviously that’s not a good sign. Seeping water out of the foundation can ruin the concrete around the leak, and erode the soil under the foundation of your home.
  • Cracks in the Foundation. Cracks are common in North Texas soils, and can be anywhere from small hairline cracks to massive chunks of concrete falling off. Pipes inside of that can be damaged by this, so if you notice cracking along your foundation, these problems could be imminent.


  • Paying more in water bills. If your bill doesn’t reflect your water usage, you need to get your slab checked out.

Don’t wait for the leak to become a huge mess, request a slab leak quote from Horizon to fix it right the first time.

What Can Be Done About Slab Leaks?

We use a specialized tool to locate leaks, and then a tunneling process to get to it and make the repair. Afterward, we cover the dig spot, leaving your floors untouched and your yard with nothing but a scratch on it. Horizon has saved homeowners from Fort Worth to east Dallas tons of money from slab leak hassles for over 40 years. Don’t trust your home to anyone but the pros.