Serving Arlington, Mansfield & Grand Prairie

Is your water heater at least eight years old? It may be time to get it repaired or have a new energy efficient water heater installed. Before heading to a big box store and attempting the install yourself, get a free quote from us.


Our certified plumbers offer an array of plumbing services to repair, maintain, replace, or install your home’s gas or electric water heater!


We are proud to be serving neighborhoods in Tarrant county including Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie.

Time to Repair Your Water Heater?

It’s a tragedy. We’ve all heard “the noise” in the walls when the water lost its flow. Or been privy to the shower’s sudden punishing chill when the water heater’s warmth dies. For the past 40 years, Horizon Plumbing Service plumbers have been considered the water heater repair experts of Arlington, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie.


Low water pressure, no longer heating, or inefficient energy use are all problems Horizon are experienced and able to repair promptly, often completing the job on the first visit. Repair costs are always provided upfront, and we don’t have sales pitches, because we’re plumbers with integrity.


Repairs are stressful and out-of-the-blue enough – don’t fall for a sales pitch of the other guys, let Horizon get the job done and get your gas or electric water heater back up to speed!

Tankless Water Heater Installation Benefits

Our certified plumbers are tankless water heater experts. If you’re considering tankless, check out the benefits compared to traditional tank water heaters:

• Save on energy costs because tankless systems don’t burn energy all day like tank systems do

Get endless streams of hot water since there’s not a capacity tank!

Tankless water heaters often last twice as long as tank water heaters (when maintained properly)!

How Tankless Systems Work

Tankless systems take cold water input and funnel it into a coiled pipe above a gas or electric-powered burner. There is a flow sensor that triggers the burner when water begins to flow through the unit, which saves you energy use when it’s not being used. Water is heated and pushed out the coil and distributed to your point-of-use faucet.

Neighborhoods We’ve Serviced:

  • Arlington
  • Coast Southwest
  • Eden Village
  • Grace Lutheran Church
  • LA Frontera
  • Lago Vista
  • Southwind
  • Stonebriar Court
  • Viridian
  • Viridian Manor
  • Woods at Timberlake
  • Garden Heights
  • Holland Meadows
  • Kings Mill
  • Knightsbridge
  • Lake Shore Village
  • Lone Star Ranch
  • Meadow Glen
  • Office Shell
  • Spring Lake
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Vista National
  • Waterford Park
  • Woodland Estates