Fort Worth Water Heater Installation & Repair

Our certified plumbers have served Fort Worth and Tarrant County for over 40 years. Our experienced plumbers have fixed countless drips, leaks, clogs and broken pipes and we are confident we can fix your plumbing issues too.

Horizon Plumbing Service are also considered the water heater experts of Fort Worth. Whether you’re water heater is electric or gas in need of repair, or you’re considering installing a tankless water heater, get a free quote.

Tankless Water Heater Facts

Energy costs are always on the rise, and tank water heater systems add to your electric bill as they use energy all day. Horizon knows the future is in a tankless system that only uses energy when you need it to. The differences between tank and tankless are pretty clear: Traditional tank water heaters:


  • burn energy all day, even if you’re using hot water
  • max out at 50 gallons before you’re out of hot water for a while

Tankless water heaters:

  • deliver an endless stream of hot water whenever you need it
  • only burn on when you need them to (provides you with energy savings)
  • can outlast traditional tank systems by an average of 16 years (when maintained properly)

Tankless water heaters are no longer just a luxury item – they’re a green, cost effective solution for the home.

How Tankless Systems Work

Tankless systems take cold water input and funnel it into a coiled pipe above a gas or electric-powered burner. There is a flow sensor that triggers the burner when water begins to flow through the unit, which saves you energy use when it’s not being used. Water is heated and pushed out the coil and distributed to your point-of-use faucet.

Neighborhoods We’ve Serviced:

  • Covered Bridge Canyon
  • Academy of Waterchase
  • Arlington Heights
  • Beechwood Creeks
  • Beechwood Greens
  • Bella Vista
  • Bennett Carter
  • Bluebonnet Hills
  • Carrington Court
  • Chamberlin Arlington Heights
  • Commons At Willow Creek 
  • Creek Wood
  • Crestwood
  • Edgewood
  • Factory Place
  • Forest Park
  • Fort Worth
  • Fossil Creek
  • Fossil Creek Station
  • Frisco Heights
  • Frisco Railroad Edition
  • Garden Springs
  • Hillcrest
  • Hills of Windridge
  • Hi-Mount
  • Jean Hills
  • Kingspointe
  • Lakes of River Trails
  • Linwood
  • Live Oak Creek
  • Lower Montecello
  • Marine Creek Hills
  • Mustang Creek 
  • Mrytle Andrews
  • Park Hill Place
  • Phoenix
  • Presidio North
  • Queensborough
  • Ridgeview Estates
  • River Heights
  • Rosemary Ridge
  • Ryan Place
  • Steadman Farms
  • Summer Creek Ranch
  • TCU
  • Thomas Crossing
  • Tulsa Way
  • Tuscany Valley Estates
  • Universal
  • Villas at Fossil Creek
  • Vista West
  • Watersbend in Fossil Hill
  • West Fork Amenity Center
  • William J. Bailey Addition
  • Woodland Springs