Water Heater Installation & Repair in H.E.B.

Horizon Plumbing Service have offered a wide array of plumbing services in Tarrant county and Hurst, Euless, Bedford for over 30 years. We are also considered the water heater experts of HEB.

Tankless Water Heater Facts

Getting your home a tankless water system is an investment, but it’s also a cost-effective solution that will save you money and energy use. Horizon Plumbing Service have been a part of the home construction in countless neighborhoods for the past 30 years across the greater Hurst Euless Bedford area (Go Trinity Trojans & LD Bell Blue Raiders!).

More recently, we have been busy upgrading homeowners to into a tankless water heater system. Here’s why:


  • Homeowners save on energy use with tankless systems that don’t use energy all day. 
  • They also have an endless stream of hot water, unlike the tank systems that have a capacity.
  • Tankless Water Heaters are an investment you won’t have to repair as soon as a tank system, as long as you properly maintain it. They last an average of 20 years! 

How Tankless Systems Work

Tankless systems take cold water input and funnel it into a coiled pipe above a gas or electric-powered burner. There is a flow sensor that triggers the burner when water begins to flow through the unit, which saves you energy use when it’s not being used. Water is heated and pushed out the coil and distributed to your point-of-use faucet.

Neighborhoods We’ve Serviced:

North Richland Hills:

  • Graham Ranch
  • Windcrest


  • Camden Park
  • Cannon Gardens
  • Gateway
  • Ridge Crest
  • Running Bear Estates
  • Starlight Court


  • Bellvue
  • Villages of Durango
  • Channing Place